ECUA CWRF 22.5 MGD Plant Relocation

Client:  ECUA - Pensacola, FL
Role: Design Lead
Budget: $180mm
The $316-million dollar project was a joint effort between Hatch Mott MacDonald and Baskerville Donovan (BDI). It currently stands as the largest project in ECUA's history. The old "Mainstreet Plant", built in 1937, was decomissioned and the new plant was moved to north Escambia County where it sits on 2200 acres. The new facility eliminated the surface water discharge and 100% reuse. The new location also eliminated any additional flooding potential and loss of service during extreme weather as it experience during Hurricane Ivan. The project was funded in part by FEMA, the State of Florida, Escambia County, and the City of Pensacola.
The plant is fed from 4 main liftstations through approximately 25-miles of 54-inch pipe. The 22.5 MGD plant is a 5-Stage Bardenpho Process. My duties included designing the following components: Headworks, RAS/WAS Pumpstation, Influent Equalization Pumpstation, Reject Pumpstation, Effluent Pumpstation, and Yard Piping

Frank Satterfield WPCP Plant Improvements

Client:  City of Perry, GA
Role: Client Manager | Design Lead
Budget: $3mm
The 3.0 MGD Frank Satterfield Plant was built in the 1950's and needed several improvements to enhance its reliability and improve the effluent quality while allowing to easily expand the permitted dishcharge in the future. This $3mm project included design of modifications to the existing headworks to install a second mechanical spiral screen and a second grit removal system; a new lime containment area and lime pump building; a new 80' diameter secondary clarifier; three (3) new RAS pumps with VFDs; two (2) new tertiary effluent filters; post aeration improvements; and a new Parshall flume.

Sandy Run Creek Water Pollution Control Plant Expansion

Client:  Warner Robins, GA
Role: Project Manager | Design Lead
Budget: $30mm
The Sandy Run WPCP Plant was expanded from 9 MGD to 12 MGD using the Design Build project delivery system. The Project was a Joint Effort between Constantine Engineering and Haskell. The plant expansion represented the largest public works project in the City's history, is critical for future growth in Warner Robins and in neighboring middle Georgia communities that rely on Warner Robins to receive and treat wastewater. The project goal was not only to meet lower effluent nitrogen and phosphorous limits but also expand the capacity and improve the overall facility. Plant Improvements included: Headworks, BNR Basin Conversions, Turbo Blowers, New Clarifiers, Digester & Thickener Improvements, Lime Silo and Feed System, Bulk Chemical Storage & Feed, Deep Bed Sand Filters, Effluent P/S, Post Aeration, Power Feed Improvements, Administation Building and a SCADA system

R.B. Simms Water Treatment Plant Improvements

Client:  Spartanburg Water
Role: Design Lead
Budget: $30mm
This project was a joint effort between Constantine, URS and Crowder Construction using the Design Build project delivery method to provide the owner more direct input, better cost & schedule controls, and have 1 team to rely on to reduce conflicts. The project included more than $30mm in improvements to the 90 year old 64-MGD Water Treatment Plant. Upgrades included: New 1500-HP High Service Pumps, New Clearwells, Rehabilitation to the Sed and Floc basins, New Post Mix Basin, New Filter Backwash Pumps, SCADA Upgrades, Various Chemical Improvements including onsite Sodium Hypochlorite and Chlorine Dioxide Generations, Solids Improvements including decanting, drying, and land disposal. The project was considered a large success by all parties and won several awards including DBIA Southeast Project of the Year.

Pace Water System Water Reclamation Plant Expansion

Client:  Pace Water System
Role: Project Manager | Design Lead
Budget: $12mm
To keep ahead of the rapid growth, Pace Water System initiated a 3 MGD expansion to their 2 MGD wastewater treatment plant. The goal was to maximize as much treatment capacity in the limited footprint while while providing a cost effective and robust solution. I was lucky enough to serve as the main design engineer and construction project manager. I was responsible for all process design components which included: Headworks and Grit Removal System, Oxidations Ditchs, RAS/WAS Pump Station, Secondary Clarifiers, Tertiary Filters, Chlorine Contact Chambers, Effluent Flow Monitoring, SCADA improvements, Operations Building, and Backup Power Generation. The project was a huge success and was completed with less than 0.1% of the budget resulting in change orders or unforseen costs.

Cantonment I&I Improvements Project

Client:  Emerald Coast Utilities Authority
Role: Project Manager
Budget: <$300k
The project included multiple services and tasks that included: Cleaning & Televising, Manhole Surveying, Pipeline and Manhole Defect Evaluation and Coding according to NASSCO standards, Engineering Design and Bidding Services for Pipeline and Manhole Repairs.

City of Milton, FL WWTP Expansion

Client:  City of Milton, FL
Role: Construction Manager
Budget: $9mm
Served as the construction manager for the 2.0 MGD upgrade to the WWTP. Improvements included installing new Anoxic Zones, Secondary Clarifiers, RAS/WAS Pumpstation, Centrifuge and Solids Handling, Tertiary Filters, Chlorine Treatment Facilities, Reject Storage Tanks, and SCADA.

Millbrook WWTP Improvements

Client:  Millbrook, AL
Role: Design Lead | Construction Manager
Budget: $1mm
Served as the design lead & construction manager for the various improvements to the WWTP. Improvements included demolition of the existing Cannibal Digestion system, retrofitted a new Dewatering Screw Press System into the existing building, installed Tertiary Disc Filters, and SCADA Improvements.

Panama City WWTP Improvements

Client:  Panama City, FL
Role: Project Engineer
Budget: >$500k
Designer responsible for improvements to the solids handling system that included new belt presses, polymer feed, conveyance, and overall building improvements

Lugoff Elgin WTP Improvements

Client:  City of Lugoff-Elgin, SC
Role: Project Engineer
Budget: $5mm
Designer responsible for the new Sedimentation, Flocculation and Filtration Upgrades to the 5.0 MGD Water Treatment Plant. Other improvements included new Chemical Feed systems and SCADA improvements.

Lugoff Elgin Water System Model and Master Plan

Client:  City of Lugoff-Elgin, SC
Role: Project Engineer
Budget: <$100k
Engineer responsible for compiling the water system model and building the overall master plan for the City of Lugoff-Elgin. Was successful in troubleshooting various anomalies in the system that greatly improved the water systems reliability while reducing costs from wasted power.

North Myrtle Beach 72" Dual Ocean Outfall

Client:  North Myrtle Beach, SC
Role: Project Engineer
Budget: $9mm
Engineer responsible assisting with the design of the Dual 72" Stormwater Ocean Outfalls that extended more than 1000-ft in to the Atlantic. The deepwater ocean outfalls allowed for the removal of multiple pipes that discharged stormwater directly onto the beach, where beachgoers wade, swim, surf and fish.

Charleston CPW System Wide Water Model

Client:  Charleston CPW
Role: Project Engineer
Budget: <$200k
Responsible for the creation of Charleston CPW's digital water infrastructure maps and water model. The model allowed the team and CPW staff to deeply analyze their complex and growing water system consisting of several interconnections, pressure-regulated zones, elevated & ground storage tanks and booster stations.

City of Perry System Wide I&I Study & Rehabilation

Client:  City of Perry, GA
Role: Client Manager | Design Lead
Budget: >$1mm
Responsible for implementing the City's ongoing I&I rehabilation program that involved several system wide flow studies, smoke tests, and hydraulic analysis that resulted in pipeline and manhole rehabilation project throughout the city. The program has had much success in reducing SSOs and reducing peak flows to the wastewater plant.

Lake City, SC Elevated Water Tank, Well Upgrade and Water Main Extension

Client: Lake City, SC
Role: Project Engineer
Budget: <$1mm
My first design project after graduation was to design and permit a 500,000 Gallon Elevated Spheroid Tank, upgrade the well, altitude control valve , and install approximately 2 miles of water main extension to conform to future SCDOT road expansion requirements. Additional permitting was required from SCDHEC and the FAA.

North Charleston Water and Sewer District I&I

Client: North Charleston, SC
Role: Project Engineer
Budget: >$1mm
As an EIT, I was tasked to review over 100,000 lf of pipe video and perform repair analysis and recommendations of the districts aging sewer system. These recommendations were then bid out for repairs.

Decatur Utilities Dry Creek WWTP Dewatering Upgrades

Client: Decatur Utilities
Role: Design Lead
Budget: >$5mm
After performing an extensive evaluation on the 36 MGD facilities biosolids systems, we designed several improvements that were intended to improve dewatering, decrease hauling costs, increase methane production, and rehabilitate the aging infrastructure. My duties included retrofitting the the existing Belt Press Dewatering building with 2 new Centrifuges, Controls, Conveyance, and Polymer Feed system. In addition we improved mixing of the Anaerobic Digestion System which increase methane production thus requiring upgrades to the methane compresor system and scrubbers. Additional improvements included infrastructure repairs to existing basins and structures to prolong the life of the plant. After the project was completed, the Dry Creek WWTP was able to use the additional methane biogas as the fuel for hot water boilers, saving Decatur utilities more than $150,000 per year in energy costs. In addition, the improved efficiency of the dewatering system saved thousands per year in additional hauling costs due to the drier and less mass of the biosolids.

Berkeley County, SC Tank Inspections and Rehabilitation

Client: Berkeley County Water and Sewer
Role: Tank Inspector
Budget: >$1mm
Responsible for the physical inspection of Berkeley County's numerous water storage tanks which included evaluating the tank's coatings and physical condition. The inspections and recommendations were then followed by bidding, procurement and inspection of the tank repair contracts.

Mt. Pleasant Waterworks Water Model and Master Plan

Client: Mt. Pleasant Water Works, SC
Role: Project Engineer
Budget: <$50k
Responsible for compiling and analyzing the water model along with developing the 25-year water master plan using data from various sources including water metering records, future growth projections, and planned developments.

City of Perry Parkway Pumpstation and Forcemain Relocation

Client: City of Perry, GA
Role: Project Manager
Budget: <$500k
Responsible for the project management, design, permitting, bidding and construction admin of the Parkway Pumpstation and Forcemain upgrades. The project included the upgrade of the 1 MGD Duplex Self Priming Pumpstation, the installation of approximately 2 miles of forcemain, and a new backup generator.

City of Perry Water Supply System Evaluation

Client: City of Perry, GA
Role: Client Manager | Project Engineer
Budget: <$100k
Performed a comprehensive study of all the Cities Wells Conditions, Quality, and Capacities. Evaluated Future Water Demands and Locations. Completed a master plan for future upgrades to the wells and water treatment plants.

Arbennie Pritchett WRF Reuse Improvements Project

Client: Okaloosa County Water and Sewer (OCWS)
Role: Design Lead
Budget: $3.5mm
This is a current project under design to the 15 MGD facility that includes evaluation of various filter technologies and budgets to meet the grant amount. Current design is underway for a 6 GMD Tertiary Filter System, Disinfection Basins, and a Bulk Sodium Hypochlorite Storage and Feed Sytem.